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With the upcoming winter season, we would like to present you a new brand on the market - PAYPER WEAR. This is an Italian advertising clothing manufacturer. As an official distributor for Poland hats ATLANTIS and TARGET and apparel brand PAYPER perfectly complements our offer. The collection, which can be divided into two lines: GENERAL and WORKWEAR, You will find: classic t-shirts and polos, sweatshirts, fleeces, pants, softshell'e as well as the wider clothing to harsh conditions for example .: jackets and pants with reflectors, waistcoats and much more.

Distinguishing features clothing PAYPER from the competition are: excellent quality of materials, the variety of designs and patterns, attention to detail and finish. As we all know Italy is a country familiar to followers of fashion and for her, so choosing products PAYPER we can be sure that the final product will be well worn every day, not just during the promotional campaign.