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Major products

---------- MADEIRA THREADS ----------


Madeira CLASSIC No.40 - a standard viscose (rayon) #40 embroidery thread. Perfect shine and exceptional softness make this thread ideal for embroidery on lady’s attire,  lingerie, children garments… For best results use a #65/9 - #75/11 needles

Madeira CLASSIC No.60 - a lightweight thread in the Madeira rayon line, ideal for fine details and small lettering, … Recommended needle: 65#9

Madeira POLYNEON No.40 - a standard No. 40 polyester embroidery thread . Wonderful sheen, high colour fastness even after frequent industrial wash, plus high mechanical resistance  - make this thread the first choice, universal and versatile product from our offer. Recommended needles: 65#9 – 75#11

Madeira POLYNEON No.60 - a thinner polyester thread, ideal for small details and very fine lettering, … Recommended needles: 65#9

Madeira X.tra No.30 - thanks to its unique production technology, this polyester thread (100% polyester) has the quality of silk. It feels incredibly soft,  runs beautifully on the machine, and what’s the most important – it is brilliantly shiny.  Embroidery made with the X.tra thread offers incredible appearance and may substitute expensive silk or even metallic threads. Due to its softness, the thread ensures maximum wearing comfort even if it is in direct contact with the skin, suitable for children Recommended needles: 80#12 or 90#14

Madeira FS 40 - a younger sister of our standard metallic thread Madeira FS 35. Thanks to the innovative manufacturing process, both the core and metallised wrapping were modified. Trouble-free stitching is guaranteed at top speeds and a better running on the machine when embroidering fine details. Due to the decreased thickness, it is now possible to use the 75#11 needles, which translates directly onto the precision of details as well as the reduced material perforation. I highly recommend this thread. Needle recommendation: 75#11

Madeira FROSTED MATT - the world’s first truly matt embroidery thread. Thanks to its softness it shapes up perfectly well, while its matt effect is incomparable to any other embroidery or sewing thread. Incredible. Recommended needle: 65#9 – 75#11

Madeira BURMILANA No.12 - a mix of wool and acrylic. Specialist, thick embroidery thread. Ideal for decorative embroidery, simulating hand embroidery. Irreplaceable in folk and/or floral motifs. Thanks to its thickness and structure, it allows – with a relatively small number of stitches – obtain incredible effects. Highly recommended. Needle recommendation: 100#16

Madeira LUNA - a light emitting thread – white in the daylight while in the dark it emits strong green light. Ideal for small pattern elements, especially in children embroidery. Highly recommended. Needle recommendation: 65#9 – 75#11

Madeira FIRE FIGHTER No.40 - a specialist embroidery thread. Due to the application of the Du Pont Aramid fibre, the thread is heat resistant - up to 300 ˚C no colour or structure  loss. It can survive sparks and can be used close to flames. Also available as the underthread. FIRE FIGHTER is ideal to embroider protective clothing for fire-fighters, steelmakers, welders, … Needle recommendation: 80#12

Madeira BURMILON 120 - classic underthread. Two colours: white and black.




Madeira COTTON SOFT – a thick stabiliser, resembling the hand-made paper, TEARS AWAY WITH THE GREATEST OF EASE. Ideal to embroider on robes, frotte towels, fluid fabrics, and everywhere where precise tearaway of the stabiliser is needed.

Madeira ASFilm - a film for production of patches. An innovative technology. Does not require any backing or stabiliser. Embroidery is made directly on the film. Subject to just one condition: the entire patch must be embroidered. Sensational!!!

Madeira AVALON PLUS - a water soluble stabiliser. Applicable everywhere where “clean” appearance of the embroidery’s left side  is required. Disappears completely after the first wash.

Madeira AVALON - a water soluble film. Applicable where embroidery is made on a “fluffy” material, e.g. polar fleece. This hydro film has to be hooped on the top of the fabric, which prevents stitches from sinking into the pile and improves the appearance. Finally the film is removed (steamer, steam iron, tearing). Disappears after the first wash. Frequently indispensable.

Madeira E-ZEE WEB - the latest of the Madeira backings. Very soft, nice feel, soft. Perfect for embroidering on T-shirts, Polo shirts, suedes, fine fabrics, everywhere where the left side of the embroidery is in a direct contact with the body. In spite of its softness it perfectly stabilises the embroidery – which is smooth, without creases or folds. THIS IS NOT A TEARAWAY BACKING.


---------- F.Y.T.I.S.A. INTERLININGS & ACCESSORIES  ----------


FYTISA - Spanish interlinings, one side tear-away nonwoven. Available colours: white & black.
          T-labelled interlinings 32, 42, 52, 62 – standard Spanish backings for general application.
          32 – the finest, relatively easy to tear-away, soft
          42/52* – medium, versatile. Application: Polo shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, fleece.
          62 – the thickest of our interlinings
T-FL-labelled interlinings are the same backings (not every thickness available) with an adhesive layer which sticks together the interlining and the fabric under high temperature and pressure (press)
* 52 is recommended as the most universal

FILC FYTISA - excellent quality Spanish felt. Available in three thicknesses. Ideal for patches, emblems and appliqués …


----------  ORGAN NEEDLES FROM JAPAN ----------


Igły ORGAN - the top quality Japanese embroidery needles. Variety of sizes, ball point and sharp, standard and large eye. For everything and for all. Legendary Japanese quality for affordable pric.