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Machine Embroidery

Machine embroidery is one the most popular and universal method of decorating textile products in the clothing industry. We offer our customers assistance in adjusting the size of the embroidery, its location and colour mix. We embroider elements and finished garments. We can also make them more attractive by applying thermo jests. Our customers are both well-known clothing companies (e.g. Hugo Boss, Wólczanka & Vistula) and advertising agencies. Thanks to the  dynamically growing advertising market, these companies form a considerable percentage of buyers of our services. Another important group of our clients consists of firms specialising in manufacturing and/or renting working clothes. In order to satisfy their expectations and needs, we pay special attention to the production of company emblems and name patches, which gradually became of our specialties.

During our production process we use only top-quality threads made by MADEIRA/Germany. We also are their exclusive representative for Poland. Most of the remaining materials and embroidery accessories come from the European Union Member States, which guarantees their perfect quality.